The most advanced platform for your cloud application

Container Cloud OpenShift is a Docker based Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, developed by EVEO in partnership with Red Hat, in which you hire computing resources and distribute it to containers, selecting languages and databases needed for your application, scaling according to your access demands automatically or manually.

Instead of putting together a structure of servers, storage and network equipments and then select the operating system, install services and manage the environment, you can have all of that ready for use and available in just a few clicks.

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Manage only your application, the rest is automatic

A PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution, besides from avoiding all the hassle involved in developing the server infrastructure environment, storage and network equipments, aggregates the installation, administration and management of the operating system and services such as Apache, IIS, PHP, leaving the structure ready to run without the need to make advanced setups.

Develop, configure the environment and publish

Providing your application in the cloud using the Container Cloud OpenShift as your platform is simple and quick. With only a few steps the environment is created totally customized, distributed to micro services and scaled according to your demand.

Quick implementation

Select a template platform, with the Docker Containers needed to run your application, without the need to install services or perform any other setup. Define the location of your application code through a GIT repository or send files via FTP. Once the environment is initialized, your only concern will be the development of your application.

Simplified management

Monitor and orchestrate your containers increasing resources real-time with no interruptions. If you prefer, you can let the system scale the amount of resources automatically according to the demand of access. No kind of maintenance is needed to be done in the containers, they are managed and controlled by the system itself and are always ready to be used.

Customize if needed

Create your templates from existing Docker Containers or even from containers created by you. Deploy your application by image TAGs. Edit advanced settings by installing CLI in your local computer and connecting to the environment using the API.

All of this is possible thanks to innovative technologies

Containers are much lighter than virtual machines, for they securely divide a common operating system isolating only what is necessary to obtain an exclusive and customizable environment. For being small, are easily portable, making the standardization and growth scaling very easy.

The containers environment is controlled and automated by Kubernetes. A smart tool responsible for initializing, operating and scaling the containers according to the commands and settings triggered by the orchestrator.

Responsible for the orchestration of the environment, OpenShift abstracts the infrastructure and its components, turning the service into containers and forming a platform that is distributed, customized and scalable to host applications of varied types.