About EVEO

What is EVEO?

Released in 2014 as a holding brand of a company in operation for over 15 years, EVEO was inspired by the Latin word aveō which, within a given context, means I really wish. Replacing the letter A for E, for company, the name is an analogy to what companies really want: advanced technological solutions, managed and maintained by experienced professionals, presented in the simplest and most human way.


  • + than 8,000 clients
  • + than 1,000 servers
  • + than 80,000 hosted domains
  • + than 500 TB of stored data
  • + than 1 million mailboxes

Established in 1998 under the name PointNET and later renamed to SpeedServ, the company featured servers outside Brazil and exclusive focus on the traditional website hosting model. The pioneer decision on utilizing the now established Google Adwords leveraged a highly significant growth since then.

With a solid position in the website hosting market, in 2003 netRevenda.com was created, with the reseller hosting operation, so far unprecedented in Brasil. A model that still contributes so the digital agencies and self-employed professionals can have a better management of their websites and can include website hosting plans to their proposals. This idea gained visibility in the national market, since it also allowed small providers to undertake, and that took the brand to the selected group of the 10 biggest players in the field.

By the end of 2010, a new challenge emerged. With the raise of Cloud Computing, the transition from the traditional model of shared servers to the hitherto very expensive enterprise model was finally viable. Aware of the possible trends, the company created the first managed Cloud Server solution in the Brazilian market, with options on webhosting and enterprise email, calling it Cloud Prime.

Pinoeer in website hosting
Pioneer in reseller hosting
Pioneer in managed cloud servers
Timeline EVEO

With the new portfolio of enterprise products and the new clients the company started to focus, the name netRevenda.com is no longer fulfilling. Thus is born the brand EVEO, with an expertise accumulated in over 15 years and more than 500 enterprise clients. A name to be remembered by the human relationship and proximity, simplifying extremely sophisticated technologies and transforming them into solutions that meet the real demands of the companies.


Offer to clients and partners the most innovative solutions in data center infrastructure with great aggregated value.


Be the national reference and offer multi platform data center solutions, recognized by operational and organizational excellence, as well as proximity with clients.


  • Innovation
  • Flexibility
  • Proximity with clients
  • Organization
  • Commitment


The best infrastructure in the market

Robust and high performance and multi-processing servers, with redundant internet links and software for monitoring and pro-active management. That, combined to the IT team, gets the perfect result so you can have products with the highest availability.

The infrastructure used by EVEO is distributed between 2 data centers in Brazil. Thus, there's no dependency on a physical location. As appropriate, any part of the structure can be migrated to one of the remaining data centers, as in a disaster recovery plan, or partially for optimizations.